Why Sealcoat?

Sealcoating will extend the life of the asphalt by forming a tough, durable coating protecting the surface from damaging elements of weather, salt, gas and other petroleum-based products.

The dark black color improves the look of old and new pavements. Through oxidation, asphalt surfaces lose their rich, black color. Our process will return its original beauty.

Economic Reasons:
Sealcoating greatly reduces maintenance costs and at the same time extends the life of asphalt surface by as much as 300%. The overall cost is a minor expense in comparison to full replacement.

Prevents Water Infiltration:
The intrusion of moisture into pavement accelerates the deterioration. Sealcoating prevents seepage from snow and rain preventing damaging freeze/thaw cycles.

Stops Oxidization:
The sun’s rays can oxidize the asphalt oils causing brittleness, loss of material integrity, binders, and its deep, rich black color. An asphalt surface will resist the damaging degradation extending the life of the asphalt surface.

Resists Fuel Infiltration:
Sealer resists gas, oil, chemicals, and salt, preventing the breakdown of the binders and further damage.


1.We’ll start by trimming the grassed edges of your driveway, removing the grass and dirt, allowing us to seal the edges of your driveway where deterioration usually starts.

2. Next, we’ll thoroughly clean your driveway using a combination of wire brushes, power brooms, power blowers and where necessary, power washers. Cracks and joints will be cleaned as required.

3. Oil spots are treated with a cleaner, blotted with a cloth to remove as much of the petroleum based product possible. They are then primed for maximum sealer adhesion.

4. Where appropriate, heavily alligatored areas are double sealcoated or treated with a special, very thick material to help cover and stabilize those areas where your driveway has a base failure.

5. Once prepared, the hot pour crack fill will be heated to its recommended temperature of 375 degrees, then applied with the use of a hot kettle melter.

6.Where appropriate, to preclude staining of those surfaces, small brushes are used to cut-in adjacent to curbing, aprons, sidewalks, etc.

7. All asphalt surfaces are sealed using a premium asphalt based sealer, that penetrates the surface and replenishes the oils necessary to keep the pavement flexible and provide proper protection against freeze, thaw, oil, gas and road salt with silica sand and polymer additives.

8.We barricade your driveway with banner tape for 24-48 hours. (Please dispose after proper drying time.)